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Drum roll, please...

Flyer Enterprises has had an incredible 2017-2018 term under the leadership of CEO Stephanie Bennett and her executive team. This year saw divisional development across the board, as well as the launch of two new divisions; Heritage Coffeehouse and Rudy's Runway. Social media accounts have been on fire, marketing initiatives fresh and exciting, and many divisions were renovated for the new year. Here are some sparkling moments from 2017-2018...

  • The Blend and the Blend Express started serving ALMOND MILK

  • Multiple divisions changed the game when they added Acai bowls and smoothies to the menu

  • The new FE app was launched- no more lost paper punch cards!

  • FE employees went on their first ever bonding trip to Camp Kern, the start of a new tradition

With that being said, we are happy to announce our 2018-2019 executive team! The leaders below have been entrusted to continue the implementation of new initiatives and facilitate the growth of Flyer Enterprises even further. We can't wait to see what these executives will bring in the coming year!

Your 2018-2019 Executive Team!

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