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The employees of Flyer Enterprises are constantly finding new areas of growth, one being community outreach. Flyer Enterprises completes quite a few service activities per year, but it is going to be a main focus for the '23/24 academic year. With this being said, there is a new management position entitled the Community Outreach Coordinator. This manager will work with locals who need our help. Flyer Enterprises is excited to give back to the community more than ever before. Check out some of service projects! 

The Red Glasses Project (Big Bold Love Day)

To celebrate the life of a young girl who had down syndrome, and a heart defect and passed away at age five, named Audrey Lou. She was known for her red glasses, so Flyer Enterprises Employees wore red glasses while donating 10% of proceeds to a local school district to provide glasses for children in need. 

BBLD 5.jpeg

Coming Soon! 

Coming Soon!

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