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Meet The Executive Team

We are led by a team of collaborative innovators that attack challenges head on and strive to reinvent the meaning of a student business.

Macy Buck_edited.jpg

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Harsar_edited.jpg

Chief Operating Officer

Shelby Lamitia_edited.jpg

Chief Marketing Officer

Wyatt Winters_edited.jpg

Chief of Human Resources and Diversity Officer

Emma Devine_edited.jpg

Chief Financial Officer


Director of Information Technology

Lauren Crum_edited.jpg

President of E-Commerce

Joe Marsh_edited.jpg

President of Flyby, The Chill, and Stu's Landing

Connor Kief_edited.jpg

President of Art Street and Brown Street Bistro

Max Garbsch.jpg

President of Coffee divisions


Each and every one of our branches are led by a team of focused managers that aim to achieve new measures of excellence.


Click the logo to check out each management team!

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Rudys - logo 1_1 (5)_edited.png
Fly By Logo png
Fe creative Transparent (1)_edited_edited.png
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Accounts Payable Team

The Accounts Payable Team is responsible for centralizing the accounting processes for each division to ensure timely payments to vendors.

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