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Happy Earth Day: Sustainability at UD and FE!

In the past year, UD has taken up a sustainability initiative that has transformed the campus. The Hanley Sustainability Institute spearheaded the construction and utilization of a "Green Roof" on KU's rooftop, where students can enjoy the nice weather while munching on bagels and working on homework. Compost and recycling bins have cropped up all around campus, labeled with clear instructions on how to properly manage waste. UD dining centers and FE divisions have joined in the initiative, adopting their own compost programs and encouraging students to enjoy drinks out of cozy mugs, their pastries off of ceramic plates and to turn down straws whenever they can. Behind the counters at many divisions, like ArtStreet and Heritage Coffeehouse, there are bins labeled that say precisely what can be recycled, composted and thrown away. Don't hesitate to ask an employee which option is most effective!

Visit the Hanley Sustainability Institute website or Instagram (@ud_hsi) for some simple and easy sustainability tips.

Happy Earth Day from FE!

Go sustainability!

Photos By Katie Bringman

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