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Meet The Team


Maria Martini

Director of Human Resources

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Maria was hired at The Chill the first semester of her freshman year. As a sales associate, her passion for Flyer Enterprises and The Chill grew immensely. She learned a lot about the behind the scenes work that goes into running a successful business, while also empowering the employee base. In the second semester of her sophomore year, she was promoted to the Director of Marketing position at The Chill. In this role she maintained and improved upon a strong brand image and loyal customer base. This year, she has transitioned into the Director of Human Resources role. She is beyond excited to be apart of this new management team, and can't wait to continue to contribute to the growth and success of The Chill!


Kate Braverman

 Director of Marketing

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Kate started working at The Chill at the beginning of her sophomore year. She immediately loved the people and the vision of FE and knew she eventually wanted to get more involved in a leadership role. The opportunity came as she is now the Director of Marketing for The Chill. She is super excited to use her creativity and passion for The Chill to improve brand awareness and strengthen customer satisfaction.

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Mark Schneider

General Manager

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Mark was hired onto the Chill division at the end of his first year and started out as a sales associate at the beginning of the fall in 2023. He wanted to become apart of new management team at the Chill to continue growing his leadership skills while furthering teamwork abilities in a more professional atmosphere. He’s looking forward to collaborating with his new team and bringing new ideas to the table as well as bringing in future sales associates for the 2024-2025 school year.​

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