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We know it's hot out. In less than a week, we can finally CHILL out...

As 90-degree days persist, one thing students have been missing out on are fresh-fruit smoothies and acai bowls from the CHILL, located in the UD RecPlex.

The CHILL has been closed for the first few weeks of the school year while undergoing a full renovation. The novel changes include new equipment like blenders, cabinets and sinks, along with an updated selection of fresh fruit products and even more fun smoothie toppings.

Dining services began the renovation over the summer, developing a vision for a modern and up-to-date division. The Flyer Enterprises management team got involved in August, developing ways to capitalize on the changes and engage with students on campus.

“These changes are really going to help us operationally make the smoothies, as well as market to the students who we are and what our ‘brand’ is,” Maya Gerker, the General Manager of the CHILL, said.

The management team has been primarily involved in adjusting their brand. Along with the new products and fruits on the menu, the general look of the division has evolved dramatically. The team developed signage and fresh logos with colors that will pop, and hopefully attract more attention than before.

“Our involvement in the renovation process is focused on the look of our menu and other signage. The look is very sleek and clean. Our colors stand out and you'll easily be able to identify us,” Leslie Janco, the Director of Marketing, said.

Managers and sales associates at the CHILL are looking forward to finally getting back to work, and taking advantage of the new equipment.

“Our main goal on the year is to deliver the best possible products and experience to our customers. All of the new amenities in the division will allow us to provide the customer with a more consistent product,” Jack Talaga, the President of Dining Services Joint Ventures, said.

The CHILL will reopen this Sunday, September 16th. Be sure to stop by for a taste of a fresh seasonal smoothie!


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