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Accounts Payable Team

Meet The Team


Anna Capaci 


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Anna began her journey in Flyer Enterprises as a Sales Associate at The Blend the first semester of her freshman year. Early on she knew she wanted to apply for management and on April 1st, 2022 Anna was promoted to Director of Human Resources for The Blend and The Blend Express. This year, Anna will move to a position on the Accounts Payable Team. Her goal is to take advantage of this experiential learning opportunity offered by Flyer Enterprises to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes on the financial side of a business.


Jimmy Thomas

AP 2

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Jimmy started his journey with Flyer Enterprises as a sales associate for Art Street Café in the fall of 2021. Shortly after being hired, he quickly gained an interest in management, specifically the DMHR position. In April of 2022, he was promoted to the Director of Marketing and Human Resources at Stu's Landing, where he got to learn all about a new division. For the next year, he is looking forward to working on the AP Team to enhance the continued financial success of FE as a whole!

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