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Meet The Team


Miriel Yeh

Project Lead of Technical Operations

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Miriel started in Flyer Enterprises in freshman year where she worked as an associate of technical operations. During this time, Miriel worked with MICROS and FE's point of sale systems to step into this position. Her goals for this year are consistently to improve the organizational aspects of Flyer Enterprise's point of sales system and to be be available to resolve any problems that may arise. In addition, Miriel looks forward to improving feIT's documentation for future employees.


Rachel Allen 

Project Lead of Data Analytics

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Rachel is a Junior MIS major and she joined Flyer Enterprises at the end of her Freshman year as a Data Analytics Associate. Rachel has loved being involved in the growth of FE and has loved spending time with the FEIT team! Ever since she decided she was coming to UD, Rachel wanted to be apart of Flyer Enterprises. She is so grateful for the IT team for bringing her under their wing freshman year. Being able to apply what she have learned in her role on the analytics team has helped her land numerous internships and also excel in my schoolwork.


Mike Futoryanskiy

App Development 

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Mike Futoryanskiy's journey with Flyer Enterprises began in May 2021 when he joined as a Mobile App Developer during his freshman year. By August 2022, he transitioned into the role of IT Mobile App Development Team Lead. While a mobile app developer, he successfully integrated a loyalty program into the customer web app and helped with feature requests for the admin-facing app. In his senior year, Mike's focus is on nurturing new talent for the mobile app development team and actively participating in implementing a proprietary mobile ordering feature for the customer web app.

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