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Chief Executive Officer

Macy Buck

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Macy began her journey with Flyer Enterprises her first semester as a freshman, being a sales associate at Fly By. Eager to get more involved, Macy reached out to the Rudy's Runway division, and secured a sales associate position there as well. Being a part of two divisions allowed Macy to form great relationships with other employees, learn great selling strategies, and also allowed her to find ways to incorporate her creativity into every project she was given. Quick to become the first freshman to ever be on the executive board, Macy was an asset to the company. She served as the President of E-commerce for the 2022-2023 year, and increased the revenue of her divisions by over 100 percent. She is ecstatic to be the Chief Executive Officer this upcoming year, and plans to unite and ignite Flyer Enterprises by unifying the company through modern ideas, improving external brand awareness, and placing a focus on professional development. Macy hopes to lead the company in achieving another record breaking year.

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