After working in collaboration with the university, we have decided that practicing social distancing and emphasizing health standards implemented by government officials is of the utmost importance. With that said, Flyer Enterprises Storage will NOT be offering our storage services this year.
Moving and Storage
FE Moving and Storage provides the students of the University of Dayton with quality storage and moving services. The division of Flyer Enterprises was established to solve the storage issues that students face during their summer months away from UD. our convenient service, combined with our delivery options, help to make any student’s moving process easy and simple. FE Moving and Storage is proud to be the first storage provider endorsed by the University of Dayton and strives to provide the lowest prices and best quality services of any storage company.
How It Works
With FE Storage, students are able to move in and out of campus without all of the hassle. We offer a one flat rate per item for storage all summer. We are centrally located in the first floor of Chaminade Hall on the University of Dayton campus, making it easy for students to drop off their belongings as they head off for the summer. We also offer the option to pick your student’s belongings up straight from their dorm/apartment room or house in the student neighborhood for a low cost. These 7 steps show you just how our operation works:
1) Sign-Up Online
  • Click “Place Order” to see all of our package deals and products. Add any packages or products you want stored over the summer using Touchnet. Orders can be placed starting March 12, 2020 and is based on a first-come-first-serve basis, as space is limited.
  • If you have a product you would like stored that is not listed on the website, please email us and we can add whatever item(s) you need to our site
2) If you choose the option for us to pick up your student’s belongings from their dorm/apartment/house, times will be distributed via google docs for when we will be at different locations to provide this service.
3) Pick Up Free Supplies
  • Boxes and tape will be provided and can be picked up in your dorm or apartment, simply ask the front desk at your dorm/apartment  
  • Students in the student neighborhoods will pick up supplies at Campus South or Gardens Apartment
  • Pick up for supplies begins 4/29/2020 at 12pm, please email us if you need your supplies earlier than the specified date
4) Pack
  • Students are responsible for packing and taping their boxes
  • Electronics must be stored in a box or other durable material
  • Students must label their items with their name and their address for next year
5) Drop Off/Pick Up Service
Option 1:
  • Deliver your storage to Chaminade Hall on UD’s campus free of charge on your assigned drop off day (time will be coordinated after purchase)
  • A map of the how to get to Chaminade Hall will be provided to all customers
Option 2:
  • Delivery service- we will pick your storage up from your dorm/apartment/house for a $75 fee.  This service must be purchased when checking out online
  • This fee also includes drop off in the fall
  • Student or parent must be present when FE picks up storage
6) Pick Up/Delivery Service
  • During move in weekend in the fall, pick up your storage from Chaminade Hall, a date and time for pick up will be coordinated over the summer
  • If you purchased the delivery service in the spring, your belongings will be delivered to your dorm room/house free of charge. The date and time of delivery will also be coordinated over the summer through a Google doc. We will be offering the option of early move in delivery.

Q. Can I pickup my stuff before UD move in weekend in the Fall?

A. No, we will not have staff here over the duration of the summer. Should this be a problem or if you have further questions concerning this, please message us via the email listed below.


Q. If I buy the early move in option can I still have my storage delivered to me?

A. We cannot offer the delivery service over the summer (before move in weekend) due to staffing issues.  If you move in early, you will be responsible for picking up your storage from Chaminade Hall. This only applies to those that move in shortly before classes begin.

Q. What if I have an item that is not an option on the website?
A. Call us! We are always open to any item that you might need stored, so we will work with you to figure it out.
Q. Where are my belongings being stored?
A. They are stored at Chaminade Hall on the University of Dayton’s campus, located behind Kennedy Union.  
Q. What forms of payment are accepted?
A. Only online credit card payments and online checks.
Q. Do you provide pick-up services this year?
A. We are offering pickup and drop off services to dorms/apartments/houses for a $75 fee. This makes the move out process even more convenient for students and families!
Q. What happens if my belongings get damaged or lost?
A. We handle every issue on a case-by-case basis, but we will do our best to make up for any issues that arise. Also, upon transferring your items to us you sign an insurance contract.
Q. Can I donate items I no longer need or want?
A. There are various locations around the University of Dayton campus that accept donations. Contact Housing & Residence Life for more information.
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