Flyer Enterprises is celebrating our 20th anniversary! As a student-run business founded in 2001, we are proud to provide a quality experience to our customers while our employees gain valuable skills to be used in their careers and beyond. 


Where we are today would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our amazing alumni community. As Flyer Enterprises continues to grow and thrive as a student-run business, we hope to connect with our alumni in ways that provide value to both our current and past employees. This page will provide a platform to stay informed on all things FE and showcase how we operate For Flyers, By Flyers!

Want to know what we are up to?


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Flyer-side Chats

Our podcast series will feature stories and advice from FE alumni 

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ALumni weekend

Coming Spring 2022, reconnect with friends and discover what FE is up to