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One Of the Nation's Largest Student Run Businesses


Million dollars in Revenue generated amongst our divisions each year.


Fully operating divisions on and off of the University of Dayton's campus.


Employees ranging from Sales Associate to CEO, with many opportunities to grow professionally. 

The Core Values of Flyer Enterprises

Sparking Innovation

Flyer Enterprises encourages employees to use their imagination, experiences, curiosities, and instincts to generate new products, processes, and services. 

Taking Ownership

Flyer Enterprises instills in employees a sense of pride in their work and accountability for all tasks on the job.


Flyer Enterprises demonstrates passion and perseverance, striving toward a goal even when confronted by significant obstacles and distractions   

cultivating friendships

Flyer Enterprises creates a fun work environment for employees to ignite lifelong friendships and support systems

Our Mission & Vision


To contribute to a thriving, diverse business while creating a rewarding experience for our community.

Remaining a cornerstone within the UD community and among student-run businesses nationally through our commitment to personal growth, professional development, and exemplary customer service.


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